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Technical Specifications

ResourceMiner runs on all Windows PC and Server versions from Win7, Server2008 and later. The computer should have performance equivalent to at least a Pentium 1 GHz with 1 GB RAM.

Small and medium size applications:

For small and medium size applications, up to 50-100 MB of source files, the JetEngine (MS Access) database handler works well. A new database can be created easy from within ResourceMiner. The whole database is one single .mdb file. The file size should not grow larger than ~1.2 GB to keep good performance. The absolute limit is 2 GB.

Large size applications and enterprise architecture:

For larger applications and to handle several applications in the same database (over 50-100 MB of source files), use a separate database server with good performance, for example SQL Server, DB2 UDB or MySQL.

The ResourceMiner database tables and indexes are created by a DDL which is included with the software. DB-connection is through OLEDB using a Connection String for your DB Provider, transaction logs should be simple and circular. Be prepared to increase log file size when loading source for the first time.

For Unix- or Linuxservers, DB2 UDB and MySQL are possible choices.

Computer Languages supported

Source files are parsed into the database through language definition extensions. ResourceMiner presuppose that source files are syntactic correct, ie the source must have passed syntax check or a compiler.

Existing Application Languages:

Existing Database Languages:

Ongoing and planned Languages:

Other languages can be delivered upon request.