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20 year anniversary and Lifecycle Management

29 Nov 2021

ResourceMiner is a mature product - 20 years old this year, but that also means that it's inner workings need a lift to keep up with developer environments, security and other issues. The latest version 4.1 is build upon Delphi 10.3

Enterprise Architecture Visualization

20 May 2016

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality meets ResourceMiner - one of Swedens largest code base is analyzed to produce a bottomup EA visualization in both 2D and 3D. Over 100 ResourceMiner databases are orchestrated in a multi DB concept to cover hundreds of applications, almost 20 computer languages, hundreds of integration patterns in many frameworks including delivery patterns and dependencies to infrastructure. ResourceMiner is a Modern Pioneer!

Mainframe Migration

24 Oct 2015

ResourceMiner was choosed by another large government to assist in asset inventory, change and impact analysis, test coverage analysis and other tasks needed in a business critical mainframe migration project.

Reengineering As-Is business rules

30 Mar 2015

ResourceMiner used at a private dept collection company to understand all the business rules inside their main legacy system. The information digged out from source code represent the detailed As-Is requirements for the new modern system To-Be. The As-Is requirements was refined to define the To-Be requirements. Application Mining procedures used are in large generic and can be reused for other customers. A key success factor is that the end result is endorced by the people who recieves it. In other words: the people that will recieve the reengineered information should be involved early, making requirements on the proposed end result.

Reengineering for rewrite

05 Apr 2014

A large government used ResourceMiner to reengineer legacy online and batch source code starting from end user process descriptions. The exact scope for rewrite, data migration and integrations were successfully identified. This work is a foundation for further requirement analysis and design decisions for the new application to be.

100 million LOC analyzed

17 Aug 2013

ResourceMiner has been used for more than 50 enterprises on about 100 million lines of source code spanning over 30 computer languages. Some of the largest IT departments in Sweden use ResourceMiner on daily basis, provided by Sogeti. That should make ResourceMiner and it´s methodologies a respectable innovation.

Mainframe successfully rehosted

11 Apr 2013

The SCA mainframe era is history, they now have a modern distributed environment and no worries about skill shortage and avoiding high cost and risk of operations failures because of retirements.

ResourceMiner toolset and migration methodology not only fulfilled all demands, the result was over customer expectations! The migration project was highly efficient compared to other migration projects, taken into account the differences in size and complexity.

This project was presented at Microsofts Platform Migration Alliance in Dublin in Sep 2013.

Cobol to C# and Java conversion

20 Feb 2013

ResourceMiner toolset and language conversion methodology stands another conversion challenge! This makes us unique in our market place says the Swedish partner Sogeti.

PL1 to Cobol conversion

23 Nov 2012

ResourceMiner toolset and language conversion methodology stands the test! We saved the customer a lot of money by doing this says the Swedish partner Sogeti.